COVID Vaccination Updates

Update 15th March 2021

Please be aware that each area are working hard to vaccinate as quickly as possible but you may find that even locally some ares will be ahead in terms of the age cohorts, than in others. This will depend on the numbers of patients in those age groups and the amount of vaccinators available.

Please bear with us as we are working to vaccinate patients as quickly as possible. We are currently contacting patients in the Group 6 and starting those aged 40 – 45.

We are updated on a daily and sometimes hourly basis so things progress and change very quickly.

We totally understand how many of you may be concerned and wanting to be vaccinated as soon as possible. May I assure you that we are working very hard to work through the age groups.

You may be aware that the second doses have been postponed for patients vaccinated at the start of the year. NHSE have dictated this and we are unable to give a second dose before 12 weeks. The only exception is those patients who are immunosupressed or on chemotherapy and they will be contacted for a second dose shortly.

The hub (at Miriam Group Practice) is now utilising Pfizer and Astra Zeneca/Oxford vaccines. Please note that although patients may live in Wallasey, the only Wirral hub our patients can attend is Miriam. You are unable to attend the VCH site. This is based on how practices are aligned in primary care networks.

We have shared a video of the vaccine hub at Miriam Medical Practice which you may find of interest: