Dementia free active box loan scheme

Hello Friends,

Would you like a free Activity Box delivered to your home each month by one of our amazing volunteers?

Our Activity Boxes are designed to help keep you and your care partner active during lockdown.

Each box is unique but typically includes creative activities, puzzles and items to prompt conversation & reminiscence between you & your care partner.

After a month, your volunteer will arrange to collect your old box and drop off a new one at your doorstep.

To participate in the scheme, you must:

– live in your own home (supported accommodation is okay)
– live on the Wirral
– become a free Member of Dementia Together Wirral along with your care partner

– be living with dementia or memory loss

We’d love to hear about your experience of the boxes. Enclosed in each box you will find a feedback form where you can give us your honest feedback. The more detailed the better!

If you’d like to join the scheme, please give me a call.

Best wishes,

Heather Nielsen
Dementia Together Wirral

[email protected]