You can book an appointment in several ways:

By Phone

Call reception on 0151 638 2216


You can book routine appointments up to 3 weeks in advance via Patient Access. You can do this on your pc, tablet or mobile phone. Patient Access is available as a free app.

In Person

You can visit the surgery and book an appointment at reception

Extended Access appointments

You can now book a routine appointment to see a GP on a Monday or Tuesday evening (after 6.30pm) at this practice as part of the Wirral Extended Access scheme. Other weekday evenings and weekend appointments are available at other local GP practice hubs. Please ask at Reception for more details.


The majority of GP and nurse appointments are ten minute duration. We ask that you try to observe the “ One appointment, one problem” ethos. If you have more than one problem, please book a double appointment. We strive to deal with each medical problem to the highest standard and this proves to be impossible if we are asked to deal with a number of problems in one appointment slot and in addition delay’s surgery waiting times.Please also note that your appointment is for you only. Please do not ask the doctor to deal with the problems of a child or other relative in the same appointment slot. Please make a separate appointment for your child/relative if they need to be seen as well.

We offer a quota of telephone appointments every day. These are pre-bookable and NOT for emergency appointments.

Emergency appointments are available every day. We offer a first come first serve and endeavour to meet your needs.

Our reception team do ask patients if they mind giving the reason that they need to see the doctor. This helps us provide the most appropriate service to you.

You do not have to give the receptionist a reason and if you choose not to, you will not be put under pressure to do so. If you are willing to tell the receptionist the nature of your problem (e.g. tummy pain, sore throat, to discuss hospital letter or blood or X-ray result etc) we will be able to plan your care better. In some situations, you might find that your problem can be dealt with without needing to see the doctor.

For more information, please see our Appointments Times and GP Availability

If you would like to register for Patient Access, please let us know and we will send you a document containing your pin number and log-on details. Please keep this document safe as it contains your personal information.

With these log-on details you can register at Patient Access

Cancelling your appointment

You can cancel your appointment by phone on 0151 638 2216 or, you can cancel your appointment online via patient access if you are registered. When you receive a text reminder (you will receive these if you have informed us of your mobile number) you can also cancel your appointment by texting CANCEL. We thank you for taking the time to free up the appointment if you no longer need it.