02/08/2023 – GLP-1 medication shortage

Along with all other National Health Service providers, have been instructed to review and reduce our prescribing of GLP-1 medications (such as Ozempic, Trulicity and Rybelsus) in line with this National Patient Safety Alert from NHS England and the Department of Health & Social Care.

“There are very limited, intermittent supplies of all glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists. Supplies are not expected to stabilise to meet full market demand until at least mid-2024.”

You may have an issue getting your usual prescription from the pharmacy. We have been tasked with the “Actions Required” in the red alert box on the PDF document below. The surgery will be contacting you shortly to discuss your individual case and whatever management plan will suit you best until supplies are readily available again and the Safety Alert withdrawn.

Thank you for your understanding.

Dr Mercer